Open Reply to SHEIKH USMAN.

Open Reply to SHEIKH USMAN (( ) , Who Replied to Chetan Bhagat ( )), This letter is not  addressed to Kashmiri Youth.

Dear Sheikh,

You are taking about the ground realities of Kashmir Situation ? Is it ? No, You are trying to fool the people by plunging your emotional dialogues. Your voice is not voices of 15 million Kashmiris.

You don’t have in depth knowledge about the ground situations and the true history of the J&K. Whatever you wrote and separatists projected about Jammu and Kashmir is 90% false.
All These ideas and propagandas are ways to radicalise the Kashmiri Youth , Which in return propagators are  paid huge money through ‘hawala’ route, which come through ISI and it is the part of bucks which is driven by USA to PAK for controlling terrorism activities. Separatists are doing business in destabilising the valley. Everyone want to make money , but some by doing business for serving people and some for just making money.

Then what is the ground reality  of J&K? It is what every Kashmiri want to live peacefully in country but few of them are trying to destabilise  the valley for the sake of their business.

The time has come to find the solution of disrupt and disorganized state and for the Kashmiri people who want to live peacefully in India, Instead of finding ground realities and wasting time.

You can think of the level of ISI , how much they can go beyond to serve their need.In one of the Interview General Asad Durrani, the former head of the ISI, Pakistan’s notorious spy agency and the exporter of terrorism has said “Nothing comes free of Cost, This is not a game for weak hearted people. In state craft morality takes a back sit” When asking his view on Peshawar school attack

Watch Video Here

The effect of ISI and radicalization can be easily seen in the valley.




You are taking about casualties caused by Army in the valley. What would you do when mobs are pelting stones at you ? How many army Jawans are killed ? You talked about Separatist casualties caused by Army Jawans , have you talked about the causalities reported due to Pak paid terrorist ? Do you have the knowledge how many Army Jawans are killed in this ongoing PAK sponsored fight ? How much Indian bucks are spent in saving the lives of innocent Kashmiris. ?

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Kashmir issue is totally a Pak Sponsored agenda.

India takes it foot back every-time because of nuclear threat. If there were no Nuclear Bomb  invention , Kashmir would have a peaceful place.

India is a peace loving country.

Coming to the recent Kupwara Incident. Kupwara a clear case of molestation by Local Boys and tried to put the blame on soft target Indian Army. You talked and believe the statement of her mother and said the girl statement as false. Why not her mother statement can be false ?

NIT Srinagar incident. Shame on the student who were celebrating PAK win? Indian government spent millions of Rupee to shape the future and career of student and in return they are presenting like ” Jis Thali me Khayenge Usi Mein Chhed Karenge Kyunki Hum Moorkh hain”

You are challenging the Indian Economy , in this case either you know nothing about economics or just wrote to pat yourself foolishly.


An Optimistic Indian


5 thoughts on “Open Reply to SHEIKH USMAN.

  1. Dear Optimistic Indian,
    You forget to mention voice of Jam-mu people and Lad-hake people,no matter Buddhist or Shia Muslim ,These all people more patriotic then other Indian and love India

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